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Challenge Fund: Czech Solutions for SDGs
uzávěrka:  6.5.2019
vyhlašovatel:  UNDP
typ podpory:  Grant, Dotace

The objective of the Challenge Fund: Czech Solutions for the Sustainable Development Goals is to facilitate transfer of Czech know-how and innovative solutions that would address development challenges identified by UNDP Country Offices in the project countries and contribute to the achievement of SDGs.

The CFCS is looking for innovative solutions that generate improvement and value, especially by introducing new methods, ideas, or products. The CFCS views innovation in its broadest sense, the proposed solutions need to be sustainable and have a potential for scale up.

Eligible applicants may come from Czech private sector, NGOs, universities, state institutions or research centers. The applicants are required to engage local partners to assure viability in local conditions, and to promote sustainability and scalability of the solution.

Locality: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, or the Republic of Moldova.

Expected date of contract start: June 2019

Expected length of contract: up to 1 year

Estimated prize: ranging between US$20,000 USD and US$40,000, the applicants provide co-funding of at least 20% of the total cost of the project

The proposal must be submitted by e-mail (all required documents in PDF format, max. size 10MB) to the following address: procurement.irh@undp.org before or on May 6, 2019.



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